Request a quote from us.

The first step is to use our quick and easy quote form to let us know a little bit about your business and your needs.

We can use that information to give you a rough estimate on cost.

Meet and discuss features and pricing.

We'll shedule a meeting to discuss the features you'd like for your website.

After this consultation, we'll get together an total price for the entire job. We don't charge by the hour, and we don't add to the quote unless you decide you'd like to make changes or additions later.

Handle the down payment.

Once we've agreed on services and pricing, we take a down payment of 50%. The remainder won't be due until your website is finished and ready to launch.

Meet again for specifics.

We'll get together again, this time to get more into specifics on how you'd like your website to look.

Initial design and review.

We'll design a mockup for how your website might look, and let you check it out. You can sign off on it here, or ask for changes.

Build the finished project.

We'll start putting together the real deal, updating you periodically to show you how it's going.

Launch your new website to the internet!

The work is done and it's time to go live! We take final payment here, then either send you the files or set up your website on our servers.